Monday- Closed

Tuesday) 10am-2pm

Wednesday) 10am-5pm

Thursday) 10am-5pm

Friday) 10am-5pm

Saturday) 10am-2pm

Sunday) Closed

20% off wig orders through December


Laser Hair Therapy

Laser Hair Therapy is a safe, effective treatment that is painless, has absolutely no side effects and is completely noninvasive. It uses a non-thermal (cool) laser in low level to bathe scalp and hair in a pure therapeutic red light. This therapeutic light produces a thicker looking and fuller feeling head or hair.



Wig Services

Wig consultation are complimentary

 Wig cut & style $30

 Piece wash and restyle $25

 Wig haircut $30

Repair $10

Re-conditiion $30



Hair Styling

 Haircuts for ladies  $30
 Haircuts for gentlemen  $20
 Coloring  $65+
 Highlights  $55+



 Brow shaping  $12
 Lip  $12
 Nose  $12
 Full Facial wax


 Specialty Color



Baliyage Ombre


Root Retouch





 Makeup for weddings and special events  $60 per 1-hour session


 Manicure  $15+
 Pedicure  $25+
 Acrylic nail extensions  Soon to Come
 Nail art  Soon to Come